Boy of the Painted Cave, Chapters 11 and 12

After you have read chapters 11-12 in Boy of the Painted Cave, respond to both of the following questions. Write in complete sentences and show thoughtful consideration of the book. Be sure to answer all parts of the questions.

1. Graybeard said sharply, “No, you draw with short, choppy strokes. Let your hand go free.” (p. 103). Why does Graybeard criticize Tao? How do you think Tao feels inside? What would you say to Tao in this situation?

2. “His heart ached and deep inside he (Tao) was afraid for his old friend.” What is the matter with Graybeard? Why is Tao worried about him? How will Tao be affected if something happens to Graybeard?

Remember to write in complete sentences and proofread your writing before you submit your comments or questions to the blog. Write your comments in a word document; copy and paste them into the comments box. Use only your first and last initials followed by your class number (example, KS27). Read and respond to each others’ comments. If you agree or disagree with a classmate’s comment, tell that person why, respectfully.


33 thoughts on “Boy of the Painted Cave, Chapters 11 and 12

  1. mm18 says:

    1) Graybeard criticizes Tao because he wants to see only the best in his paintings. I think Tao would feel angry, but then when he sees what he can do with Graybeard’s advice, he will feel proud. Tao would still make corrections, just not as harshly. He would be gentler.
    2) Graybeard is old and fragile, so if something happened to him when he was traveling, he might never be able to get help from Tao. Tao is worried he will die alone on the plains.Tao would be very sad, and upset because Graybeard was his best friend, but he would have to get on with out him.

  2. LD6 says:

    1. Graybeard is critical about paintings because he has done it so long so I think he wants to see Tao’s full potential. Tao might get happier over time as Graybeard’s comments get better and better. I would tell him to just go with the flow and just follow Graybeards directions.
    2. Graybeard is a gentle old man and Tao’s best fiend so Tao is worried for him that he might die. Tao might become very sad and stop painting if something happened to Graybeard.

  3. om19 says:

    1. Graybeard chooses to criticize Tao, because he wants Tao to do his best at cave painting and “reach his full potential.” (Written by LD6) At first I thought Tao was feeling annoyed by Graybeard since the old man had stopped Tao consistently, but after he had listened to his directions, Tao stepped back and realized that Graybeard was only trying to improve Tao’s work. I would tell Tao to listen to Graybeard’s instructions and that if he ever gets on your nerves, correcting you, remember that he is only trying to help you.

    2. The problem with Graybeard is that he has been coughing and hacking hard for long period of time. Tao is worried about him, because Graybeard is his best friend and doesn’t want to pass away. Tao will be affected if something happens to Graybeard by giving up cave painting and everything else the shaman has taught him.

  4. SD5 says:

    1. Graybeard criticizes Tao because he sees potential in his art and wants him to grow to be a better artist. Tao feels hurt because he wants to impress Graybeard, but he also respects Graybeard’s opinion because he is the cave painter. I would tell Tao to continue to study the art of cave painting, and to listen to Graybeard’s directions instead of getting upset.

    2. Graybeard is getting older, and seems to be ill. Tao is worried because Graybeard is coughing and shaking more each time they see each other. He is fearful that the cave painter is dying. If something happened to Graybeard, Tao would feel alone. Graybeard is his friend and his teacher. He is the only one that can teach Tao what he needs to know to be a cave painter.

  5. ad8 says:

    1.Graybeard criticizes Tao because he wants him to do his best with his artwork. I think that Tao used to get frustrated when Graybeard would criticize his work. But he has realized that when he does, it helps him improve. I would tell Tao that even if Graybeard is bothering him, he should still obey his instructions.
    2.Graybeard is getting old and his body isn’t as healthy and strong as it used to be. Tao is worried about Graybeard because he has helped with his art in so many ways. If something happens to Graybeard, Tao might become so depressed and heartbroken that he may stop painting.

  6. RH11 says:

    1. Graybeard criticized Tao because he wanted Tao to improve on his artwork. I think Graybeard cares about Tao and his safety. I think Tao feels a little bit frustrated by Graybeard’s comment. I would tell him to listen to Graybeard’s advice because in the long run, it will help him out.

    2. Tao is worried about Graybeard because he is old and sick. Graybeard has been coughing lately and Tao is afraid of his bad condition. Tao will be affected by Graybeards death because no one would teach Tao about painting. The villagers might also think that Tao killed old Graybeard.

  7. EL14 says:

    1.Graybeard critizises tao because he want him to make the best of the painting and not waste it. He needs to practice with full strokes instead of choppy ones. Tao feels like he’s been guided through the painting with somebody telling him how to do it. I would tell tao the same exact thing.
    2. Graybeard is old and is ready to end his life. Tao is worried because losing graybeard is like losing breathing to him. Tao would be heartbroken if he had to let go of Graybeard. Tao would probally paint more in memory of graybeard and his spirit.

  8. GD7 says:

    1. The reason Graybeard criticizes Tao is since he wants him to do his best when drawing. Tao probably will feel better when he improves and when Graybeard makes better comments. I would say to Tao that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes and to always try your best.

    2. Graybeard has grown very old and he is not felling too good. Tao is worried that Graybeard is going to die, and he would be very depressed if this happened. Maybe Tao would paint a little bit more to remember Graybeard. 🙂

  9. so22 says:

    1. Graybeard criticized Tao because he wants to make sure that Tao learns from his mistake. He wants Tao to learn from his mistakes so he can become a better artist. Tao fells good inside because Graybeard was helping him make his drawing better, easier, and faster. In this situation I would of told Tao the exact same thing because I think it is useful information.
    2. Graybeard is getting older as the days go past. He is becoming more and more weak. Tao is worried about him because he might die alone when he is traveling. If something happens to Graybeard Tao will be very sad because he was his friend and he was so kind to everybody he did not want anything to happen to the poor old man.

  10. JD4 says:

    1. Graybeard criticizes Tao because in order to be a better artist you have to make mistakes. Tao probably feels slightly sad inside and wants to do better so he can impress Graybeard. I would say, “Tao it is okay. Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes make you better because you can learn from them.”
    2. Graybeard is getting old. Tao is afraid for Graybeard because if something happens to him then Tao’s friend and teacher is gone. If something happens to Graybeard then Tao will have to teach himself how to draw.

  11. DC2 says:

    1. The reason why Tao got a mean comment from Graybeard is because Graybeard doesn’t see that Tao’s doing his best with his drawing. When Tao improves on his drawings, he receives nicer comments from Graybeard. I would tell Tao to never give up and to always have a positive attitude about his drawings.

    2. Graybeard is very ill and elderly, and he is not feeling too well anymore. If Graybeard were to die Tao would be so upset. I think Tao would really try and try to make his paintings for him because it would make him happy.

    • LP24 says:

      Do you think Graybeard is trying to be mean with his comments? Do you think it would help Tao if Graybeard only gave him “nice” comments?

      • DC2 says:

        yes. I think that Graybeard is giving him constructive criticism and if he gave Tao nicer comments he might do better or not.

  12. kg9 says:

    1. When Graybeard criticizes Tao, it really benefits him in many ways. Graybeard wants Tao to become a better artist and cave painter, so Graybeard likes to point things out to him. Tao definitely did not think that Graybeard was doing this to Taos advantage, and he thought it was something personal. When Graybeard always stopped Tao and told him about what he could do better and improve on, it started to bring him down. At first, I might fell the same way as Tao, but after painting with all of Graybeards corrections, I would probably be very proud of my work. I would also tell Tao to keep following Graybeard’s instructions because they will pay off in the future.
    2. As Graybeard is aging, his body isn’t staying in very good shape inside and out. As he is getting older, he is coming down with a bad cough and is virus’. Tao is also worried that Graybeard wont be able to help him with his painting skills anymore. If Graybeard passed, Tao would be so devastated that he might not want to paint ever again

  13. RL16 says:

    Question 1: Graybeard said sharply, “No, you draw with short, choppy strokes. Let your hand go free.” (pg.103, Boy of the Painted Cave). Under the watchful eye of the old master, Tao has now begun to delve deeper into the hidden complexities of image making, mixing pigments and refining the techniques that are essential to the art. As they worked, these wonders began to reveal themselves to Tao, pictured not only in the swoop of the brush and the dab of the paint, but also in the passion that filled Graybeard’s face. In this situation, my advice would be to look beyond Graybeard’s gruff exterior and to the compassion and knowledge within. For though his methods may seem harsh, in truth one could clearly tell that this old master has dedicated his life to his work…and is determined to ensure that those who share his passion will follow in his footsteps.

    Question 2: For many moons, Graybeard had been the shaman of the clans. Now, “…as the old man walked away, Tao heard the long, hacking cough. He noticed the weary, shambling gait. His heart ached, and deep inside he was afraid for his old friend.”-(pg.144, Boy of the Painted Cave). Tao knew Graybeard was ill. But there was nothing he could do to stop it. With that he began to think about the first time he met the shaman in the Slough. How, as he stood there, feelings of awe and shame washed over him in powerful, conflicting waves of emotion. He began to think of how he had invited the master to the cave, and when Graybeard had seen his images. Ever since then, a bond had formed between them, like tree roots running deep into the earth, growing strong from the nutrients of trust, protection, and wisdom shared between them. Any day that could all change…and the only companion Tao would have in that vast, lonely world of spirits and demons would be Ram. There would be nowhere left to hide. For with the old shaman’s death, Tao would lose the protection and wisdom gained…and once again become an outcast. For soon his secrets would be discovered. . How tragic it would be for Tao to come all that way only to sacrifice his dream.

  14. CR25 says:

    1.Graybeard criticizes Tao, because he wants Tao to do better. I think Tao appreciates Graybeards help, even though he was criticized. I would tell Tao to make more long, curvy, lines, and to let his grip be soft and gentle.

    2.Graybeard is sick, and Tao is deeply afraid he will die. Graybeard is old and Tao cares a lot about him. If he dies, Tao will not get anymore training and he will probably never become a cave painter.

  15. JH10 says:

    1. Graybeard criticizes Tao because he wants Tao work to look even better then it did before. Tao probably feels bad but when he says what Graybeards advice will do it will payoff. After his painting is great he will feel proud and happy. Tao will always make corrections after Graybeards advice but they won’t be as harsh and he won’t make as many.
    2. Graybeard is getting old. Graybeard is Tao best friend and Tao is scored he might die traveling because if he got sick nobody would be there to help him. Tao would be very depressed if Greybeard died and he might never paint again.
    🙂 😀

  16. DB1 says:

    1. Graybeard criticized Tao because Graybeard was teaching Tao how to become a cave painter like him and he wanted to make Tao the best Tao could be. When Tao receives Graybeard’s criticism, I think he felt even more exuberant and happy because it was constructive criticism witch helped him become a more skilled cave painter. If I were in this situation, I would tell Tao to forgive Graybeard because graybeard is trying to point out Tao’s flaws so Tao can fix them and not make that mistake again.
    2. Tao is worried that Graybeard is becoming sick and because of Graybeards age, he could die. If graybeard dies, then Tao won’t get to learn from the hands of a true master of cave painting.

    • LP24 says:

      I think your response is very thoughtful and you have great word choice. Just to let you know, you used “witch” instead of “which” and you forgot to capitalize Graybeard a few times.

  17. LP24 says:

    Question 1: Graybeard criticizes Tao not because he wants to be harsh or cruel but because he wants to be able to help Tao, to teach him to really paint well. He knows that it is a poor teacher who gives his pupil compliments and praise but no criticism or feedback. The entire purpose of his helping Tao is to instruct the boy on how to paint better. Tao realizes this, and though he may feel slightly angry at himself for not doing it right, he is grateful to the old master for his feedback. Furthermore, he is able to see how much better his final work is when he listens to Graybeard, and he is therefore eager for the old shaman to give him feedback. If I were Tao’s friend, I would encourage him to listen to the old man’s feedback and try his hardest to follow it. I would also tell him to be open and inquisitive, and to take advantage of the fact that he is able to learn from the master. Most importantly, I would tell him to work hard and never lose sight of his dreams.
    Question 2: Tao is afraid for Graybeard because he is growing old and weary and beginning to decline in health. The old man is not so agile as he once was and cannot move as quickly. On page 114 as Graybeard is walking away, Tao hears the old man’s “long, hacking cough” and sees his “weary, shambling gait.” Tao is afraid for Graybeard’s sake and also for his own sake and that of his fellow clan members. All of them depended on Graybeard to bring them hope and strength and confidence with his magic. Who would follow in his footsteps if something were to happen to the old man? Now Tao himself has also begun to respect and depend on Graybeard. Graybeard has taught him to paint and has always been kind and honest. He would hate to see something happen to Graybeard, both because he has grown to care for the old man and because he would lose an important teacher and companion. Because of this, Tao is worried for his old friend.

  18. Li12 says:

    1. When Graybeard criticizes Tao, he’s trying to help Tao improve his art skills. I think Tao feels aggravated because Graybeard was being stern when he criticized Tao. I would tell Tao that Graybeard may be a little bit strict but that Graybeard’s advice will be very helpful later on in life so he should keep taking lessons from him.
    2. Tao is worried that Graybeard will die because he has been coughing a lot and Graybeard is Tao’s best friend. Tao may be affected by depression so he might stop painting or he may paint and draw even more in memory of Graybeard.

  19. nw26 says:

    1.Graybeard is only criticizing Tao because he wants to help Tao with his art. Since Graybeard is a shaman, he has never really dealt with kids or people in general. He doesn’t really know how to give good constructive criticism. Tao might feel a little hurt inside or think Graybeard is being too harsh, but I would tell him to remember that Graybeard is just trying to help. Also, Tao should try to follow Graybeard’s instructions to improve his art. Tao should also keep on working and he will become a great artist some day.
    2. Tao is worried about Graybeard because he sees that his old friend is getting old. Graybeard has gotten sick and his legs are tired from a lifetime spent walking from clan to clan out in the weather. Tao is scared because he doesn’t want Graybeard to die. If Graybeard died, Tao would lose a close friend and mentor, meaning he would no longer be able to learn from the master himself. Graybeard is also his only human companion out in the wilderness.

  20. AN20 says:

    1. Greybeard criticizes Tao because if he could just release his tension and let his hand glide then Greybeard could teach him much more in a shorter period of time. I think hat Tao feels embarrassed because he just got yelled at by a teacher and alone or not it still is embarrassing. I would tell Tao that it was to okay be to be yelled at by a teacher because they yell at you so they get the info straight to your head.
    2. Greybeard seems to be sick and tired when he left for the lake people. When an old person coughs it usually is normal but the one that is describe sounds really bad. Tao is worried for him because he seems really weak and might die and then who would teach him how to paint. Tao would be sad and shocked if something bad happened to Greybeard. Greybeard was the nicest person for Tao so he has feelings for him and he generally admires Greybeard as a student who is eager to learn always is he would care for Greybeard and honor him if he dies.

  21. CL17 says:

    1. Graybeard criticizes Tao because he wants him to become better at painting. Tao probably won’t feel as bad in the future because his paintings will get better and Graybeard won’t criticize Tao as much. I would say “Tao everyone makes mistakes and now you can learn from them. Now next time you won’t make a mistake and if you do you will catch it and see what you did wrong.”

    2. Graybeard is getting older and he has been coughing constantly. I assume that he is getting sick. Tao will be affected if something happens to Graybeard because he is a nice old man and he is his best friend. If Tao got ill or hurt there wouldn’t be anyone there to cure him and he would be very lonely.

  22. FO23 says:

    1. Graybeard said sharply, “No, you draw with short, choppy strokes. Let your hand go free.” Graybeard is criticizing Tao, but he is doing it because he knows Tao can do better, and so Tao can learn. It is harder to learn if you don’t learn from your mistakes. I think Tao might feel a little angry or hurt that he is being criticized, but Tao knows that Graybeard is trying to help him be a better painter. I would tell Tao to accept the criticism, it will make him a more successful cave artist.
    2. “…as the old man walked away, Tao heard a long, hacking cough. He noticed the weary, shambling gait.” (p.114-Boy of the Painted Cave). Tao worries about Graybeard because Graybeard is old and sick. Tao is worried for his friend/teacher because if Graybeard dies, Tao won’t have anyone to teach him how to paint. He is Tao’s only friend in which he can trust his secrets. Graybeard brings hope to all the different clans, and if he dies, all of the hope might go with him, which would not help the starving people.

  23. KD3 says:

    1. I think Graybeard criticizes Tao because he wants to feeling to help him get a greater more artist feeling inside of him. I think Tao feels upset because he was criticized about how he felt to do it . I would say to Tao don’t get upset he is just trying to help you and that he has to listen if he wants to get better at drawing.
    2.Tao is horrified because Graybeard and Tao feels that he is going to die. If Graybeard dies not only would Tao be devastated he would be heart broken for the young part of his life.

  24. Kn21 says:

    Gray beard criticized tao on his art because he wants Tao to be a great artist. If gray beard did not fare about  Tao he would not comment on Taos art but since he cares he is telling Tao what he needs to improve. Tao probably does not know it but gray beard is just helping Tao became the great artist he can be.

  25. Kn21 says:

    Gray bears is a very old man and he has gotten very old and fragile. Gray beard has been sick and Tao is very worried and is doing what he can do to take care of gray beard. If gray beard died Tao would loose his best friend. But not only Tao would loose his best friend he would also never become a skillful artist.

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